Submit a Comedy Series Idea


Submit projects publicly or privately. $10,000 option extension if we put your project on our Development Slate. $55,000 if we distribute it as a series.


How do you want to submit your project?


Submit privately

The staff will evaluate your series idea. Your script and series concept or pilot logline may compete in a public game intended to solicit audience feedback during the 45-day option and evaluation period. 


We are seeking smart, cinematic, serialized comedy series for adults. They can even be dark comedies, genre comedies or dramedies as long as they have original and compelling concepts and characters. Think high budget, premium shows that that you might see on pay cable (or that might even feel like movies). We tend to like shows that take place in specific, unique worlds.


Pilot scripts can be live action or animated and should be under 30 minutes long. We encourage single-cam scripts to be under 36 single-spaced pages.


How do I submit my series idea?

Open the link here to send it directly to the S2e TV Network's Corporate Site. Please make certain your Title is listed in the subkect line, along with the author name and any brief description of what you are sending us.


What do I need to submit a new series idea?

A comedy series proposal must include a pilot script. This should be the series at its best, but not necessarily an origin story. We encourage single-cam (single-spaced) scripts to be 36 pages or fewer; multi-cam (double-spaced) scripts, 54 pages or fewer.


How do I know whether to credit a character designer?

If your new series idea is illustrated with character drawings or sketches in your mini-bible, you must identify the artist who brought the characters to life. The character designer defines a visual style reference used by animators creating episodes of an animated series.


Can I submit video content?

If you have video such as a storyboard, animation test, or pilot, you’re encouraged to send that as well. You must have full rights to the series idea you are submitting, and identify the series creators (e.g., writers and character designers) at the time of upload.


How should my script be formatted?

All submissions should be in standard script format, with Courier 12-point font and standard script margins. Here are some general guidelines:


Page size: 8-1/2 by 11 inches

Page margins: No less than 1.5 inches (left) and 1 inch (right, top, bottom)

Scene heading (slugline): 1.5-2 inches

Action: 1.5-2 inches

Dialogue: 2.5-3 inches

Character names: centered


Dialogue should be single spaced for single-camera series or double spaced for multi-camera series. For single-cam, we encourage scripts to be 36 pages or fewer; for multi-cam, 54 pages or fewer.


What file format should I use?

You may submit your script as a PDF. This may make it easier for you to format your script, and for others to read and review it.


You may also submit your script in .rtf file format. Saving your script in .rtf format allows it to be opened and edited in all word-processing applications and facilitates collaboration.



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